Paladin, a cooperative VR videogame created in cs426 S16
by students Kamil Piekutowski, Maciej Szpakowski, Shi Yin (CS)
and Olga Ziminska (Writer).

cs426 @UIC
Video Game Design and Implementation

Fall 2017
Instructor: Prof. Liz Marai
Thu 4pm-6:30pm
ERF 2068 CyberCommons


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Course Description

CS426 covers tools and techniques for the design and implementation of 3D interactive video games. The emphasis of this course is on the game design process, integration of art content into an existing game engine, programming and software development, team-work, and on developing a fully-fledged game by the end of the course.

The 2017 edition of the course is a project-based class in which computer science students work in small teams to quickly prototype a series of 3D games throughout the term. For example final projects from previous years, see the Gallery link.

This class uses exclusively Piazza for online communications.

Course Aims

We have three aims for CS426-ers. First, learn enough about video gaming and teamwork to create a starter portfolio for yourselves and to successfully implement 3D video games after you graduate. Second, become a person to whom others turn for advice on game design and development. Third, learn to think clearly about software project issues, spot problems early, articulate your conclusions, communicate with others, and adapt to changes.

Course Objectives

When you finish the course, you should be able to:

  • Collaborate with a team to design and implement a moderately large video game by
    1. designing the overall project,
    2. designing the pieces,
    3. implementing and integrating the pieces,
    4. demonstrating the result
  • Clearly communicate your ideas to various audiences.