CAVEActors:  A Human Actor Library For The CAVETM        Darren R. Thompson


I.    Introduction

    This project is meant to be a library for CAVETM programmers, who are using C++ and OpenGL, to create human actors for their programs.  Since EVL didn't have such a library available, I decided to create one.  I had four goals in mind when I took on this project.  The first goal was to allow programmers to create actors easily.  The second goal was to make the actor simple enough so that it could be drawn as fast as possible so as to not slow down the application of the user.  Currently, I'm obtaining 72 FPS on an Octane with two processors and over 300 MB of RAM.  The third was to practice good object oriented design skills; and the fourth was to ensure the code was understandable and easy to use.