Darren R. Thompson
 1134 N. Wolcott     Chicago, IL 60622
W:(312)413-3619      dthomp1@uic.edu

Objective           To work in computer graphics using my current knowledge and experience and
                            allowing growth in new applications.

Education         University of Illinois at Chicago, Jan 1994 - Jul 1998
                           MS in Computer Science, specialization in graphics, GPA 4.7/5.0

                           Western Illinois University, Jan 1990 - Dec 1993
                           BS in Computer Science, minor in Mathematics, GPA 3.7/4.0

Languages        C++, HTML, VRML, Java
Libraries           X, Motif, OpenGL,  Performer, CAVELibTM (VR Theater)
Applications      SoftImage, Alias, Photoshop, Illustrator
Platforms           Silicon Graphics, Sun, PC

Work              UIC, Industrial Virtual Reality Institute
Experience         Research Engineer, Aug 1998 - Present
                            - Interfaced ADAMS/Solver with the CAVETM  to run dynamic
                               simulations of earth moving equipment in VR
                            - Designer and programmer of CAVEActors and CAVEAvatars,
                                human actor/avatar libraries, written in OpenGL, Performer
                               and C++ for the  CAVETM
                            - Extending the CAVEAvatars library to be used in telecollaboration
                            - Hardware manager of both the CAVETM and ImmersaDeskTM

                          UIC, Biomedical Visualization Lab
                            Research Assistant, Jan 1994 - Aug 1998
                            - Designer and programmer of an application for the SGI in C++, Motif and
                               OpenGL to:
                                ~ count cells in microscopic images
                                ~ reconstruct volumes in parallel from MRI, CT, and SPECT images
                                ~ construct Bezier surfaces in parallel from image data
                                ~ segment the brain from the scalp and skull
                            - Primary system administrator of Sun workstations networked via ATM with
                               shared printers and a 100GB tower
                            - Designer and programmer of the user interface for a facial recognition

                          Western Illinois University
                          Research Programmer, May 1992 - Dec 1993
                            - Implemented modules within a symbolic math CAD/CAM mechanical
                                engineering system in Maple
                            - Wrote a Motif application that graphically displayed cause maps to aid
                                managers in decision-making processes

Honors                Phi Kappa Phi, Upsilon Pi Epsilon
Scholarships      1993 Caterpillar, Inc. Scholarship
Awards               Army Achievement Medals (3), Good Conduct Medal

Military            U.S. Army Reserves
Experience         Processing Non-Commissioned Officer, Feb 1990 - Sep 1992
                            - Responsible for processing up to 100 personnel into the military within a
                               three-day  time frame

                          U.S. Army
                           Infantryman, Jan 1987 - Jan 1990
                             - M60 Gunner; 2nd Infantry Division, Camp Casey, Korea
                             - Mortar section; 3rd Ranger Battalion, Ft. Benning, GA

Professional       - "Tele-immersive Product Evaluation: A Review and an Implementation Framework,
Activities               "D. Thompson, A. Banerjee, P. Banerjee,  T. DeFanti and S. Retterer, Robotics
                                and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, (accepted for publication).
                             - " Extended-range Hybrid Tracker and Applications to Motion and Camera Tracking
                                in  Manufacturing Systems " IEEE Trans. on Robotics and Automation, (accepted for
                             - "A Framework for Tele-immersive Product Evaluation," D. Thompson, A. Banerjee,
                                P. Banerjee, T. DeFanti and S. Retterer, Proc.  ASME Ind. Virtual Reality Symp.,
                                MH-Vol. 5/MED Vol. 9, Chicago,  1999, pp. 57-66.
                             - Exhibitor: Super Computing Conference '97, with the Laboratory for
                                Advanced Computing, UIC.  Calculated MRI volume data sets
                                in parallel, using ATM to network multiple machines, PTool  to
                                access the data, MPI to transfer the data, and the ImmersaDeskTM
                                to display the output.
                             - "Evaluation of Brain SPECT Changes Using Statistic Parametric Mapping (SPM)
                                Following Diamox (D) Challenge," D.G. Pavel, D. Thompson, B. Patel, Q. Lin, S.
                                Brint, M. Dujovny, V. Ibanez, Univ. of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago, IL and
                                Laboratory of Neurosciences, NIA/NIH, Bethesda, MD.  The Society of Nuclear
                                Medicine 44th Annual Meeting, San Antonio, June 1997. Installed and maintained
                                the hardware and software necessary for the authors to conduct their research.
                             - "Neandertals," National Geographic, Vol. 189, No. 1, January 1996.  Wrote a
                                program used to find the orientation of the Neandertal skulls in the article.
                             - "A Working 2-D Symbolic CSG System Written in Maple," T. Trias, D.
                                Thompson, L. Leff, Z. Malic.  Computers in Engineering Symposium, New Orleans,
                                January 1994.
                             - "A Symbolic CSG System Written in MapleV," D. Thompson, T. Trias, L. Leff.
                                Second Annual Maple Summer Workshop and Symposium, Ann Arbor, June 1993.