To the Vessel World Dream Grrrls is a real-time interactive CAVETM virtual art environment created by M Dolinsky and Grit Sehmisch. Dream Grrrls debuted at SIGGRAPH and is installed at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria. 

Dream Grrrls invites you to explore dreaming in a labyrinth. Discover paths that lead to whimsical worlds - where you can ride a see-saw in the clouds - be shaken when you look into the face of an unfamiliar psyche. Follow the voices in the air or let experience be the guide in a place where one can only expect the unexpected... 

M Dolinsky designs virtual environments at the University of Illinois at Chicago's Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL): "VR enhances the surrealistic whimsy of my characters who now can interact with the real world in the place where previously they could only be themselves."  

Grit Sehmisch programs virtual environments. Sehmisch develops enhanced tools to facilitate the artist's ideas into the world of computer graphics. Sehmisch strives to extend the artist's vision in the creation of virtual environments and liberate users to active participants. 

Joe Reitzer - Sound Design 
Bor Tyng Lin - OpenGL Program Design 

CAVE CAVE Immersadesk Immersadesk
Participants experience Dream Grrrls inside a CAVE or at an Immersadesk. The CAVE is a ten foot square, high-resolution, 3D video and audio virtual display theatre. All perspectives are calculated from the point of view of the user who wears active stereo glasses and controls navigation with a wand. The Immersadesk is a one wall version of the CAVE, similar to a drafting table. 
Dream Grrrls