Clearing the Smoke

Image published in the book, 
"The Smoking Life" by Ilene Barth,
New York: Genesis Press 1997.

The artist stands attentive, like a doctor about to heal the patient. Calmly, she says, "Please read the first line on the chart." The viewer/patient falls out of control, drags the cigarette long and hard. She steps back and drinks in a long good look. She hesitates, wondering, is this some kind of a joke? The image swirls in her mind, takes her up down back and around. She thinks of grade school, playing on the horsey swings and making the giant green parrot for Miss Knappenburger. What happened to that parrot? Why did Dad insist that it needed some exercise? She watched it fly from his hand. Slowly she came back to a place and time where she knew that an answer was being demanded of her. She said "I see an eye." 
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