Object to object behavior table



  a) OPEN b) CLOSED  
Key is difficult to grab, it goes far from the user 

a) Pages can go (fly) with the air.

b) Book Opens and Pages turn on faster or slower, depending of theirs air speed.

Clock hands move faster or slower, depending of the wind speed. (Sound). The clock could spin and change patterns depending the velocity of the wind.

 key is solid, unbreakable, user can take it any time

a) Earth keeps a book open all the tome

b) With wind, book is covered of dust, and disappears.

Tic Tac shakes earth.
 difficult to grab, key is "hot"
opened or closed book, is burned.
We couldn't be able to see the time, numbers wouldn't be visible.
 user is able to grab the key and open items.
modify the ink, everything on the book becomes blurry.
Water flowing on the top, would randomly change the size of the numbers and hands.
The key is useful to get into the house.
presence of life in the house, possibility of tales about the house owner.
Use of time changes according to time, generates different sounds.
teeth could bite the clock, and clock, stops working.
key could hang of the tree, and be reachable according of the tree size. 
Knowledge, life,
 Rat grabs the key, so the user can't use it.
a forgotten book as a destroyed book,
The rat doesn't affect the clock.
 Same as rat.
magic relation
 Broken key, it doesn't open anything.
closed book, without any possibility of being open, making history.
Clock is stopped whenever is close to death, everything is slower, steady.
 Key open and closes different environments
knowledge an open contradiction, the book is open r closed, depending of the initial status.
Clock keeps harmony, and a nice equilibrium every second.
Sexuality affects time and space, the closer a sexuality is to a clock, the clock gets exited, and advances faster.
A key could be useful to trap o get rid of the snake.
the book could be a help menu through all the user experience.
Clock changes color, tries to get hidden with the environmental colors.
 The moment the user pick the key, the lyre plays soft sounds.
Clock follows a musical rhythm, or gets faster or slower according to the sound.
complex structure
Repetition of things, everything has a pattern.
 Using the key, the user could discover things hidden in the mask
When the user open the book, he also discovers what is behind a mask.
Clock changes shape to other mask of time.
The user could use the arrow to bookmark any page. ? 
Speed of clock changes when it's closer to the arrow.
When the sun rises, it could create a spot effect, towards the key. 
A light directionality to the book is generated
Position of sun determines day time
A key could be the way to create or delete a boundary
Openess, limitation to manipulate the book.
time becomes limited, probably a faster tic, toc!