Loose Minds in a Box





InterPlay - SIGGRAPH, 2005


loose minds in a box, 2005

Loose Minds in a Box is a collaborative work that explores the basic concept of the "box". The box is a metaphor for the physical, social, political or psychological constraints that we and/or others place upon us. The box also represents a sense of place in the realm of the virtual as well as in our sub-conscience. With the aid of performance artists, electro-acoustic musicians/composers, virtual reality and motion capture artists/technologists and others, we look at many of the numerous representations the "box" encompasses. It is a multi-faceted telematic event that consists of six simultaneous performances that occur in six states throughout North America. The performances incorporate theater, text, music, performance art, virtual reality, and motion capture and are concurrently captured, mixed, digitized, encoded and streamed onto the network.

EVL's site performance (Tina Shah and Helen-Nicole Kostis) composed by two performances: physical and digital performance [vr component - chromakey performance in VR in real time]. Our physical performance involved audience participation.

showcases: April 15-17, 2005,
                   SIGGRAPH 2005 - Emerging Technologies - Access Grid - Aug 3, 4, 2005,
                   SC05 - Supercomputing Global - Nov. 17, 2005

COLLABORATORS: Jimmy Miklavcic, Beth Miklavcic, Eric Brown, Charles Nichols, Nadja Masura, Nicholas Bartoli, Brian Buck, Dioselin Gonzalez, T. J. Rogers, Carol Cunningham, David Sigman and Joe Hayes, Miho Aoki, David Sigman, Tina Shah, Helen-Nicole Kostis, Scott Deal.

Additional technical support is provide by Paul Mercer and Bill Brody (Alaska), Dwight McKay and Mike Bass (Purdue), Sam Liston (Utah), Chris Rosenthal and Gideon Goldman (Illinois), Robert Wachtel (Montana) and David McNabb (Maryland).



more screenshots from the main mix, during the SIGGRAPH05 performance:

Interplay - SIGGRAPH05, 2005