Educational Research Visualizations & Scientific Digital Journalism Presentation

Participants: Raul A. Zaritsky, Ph.D. M.F.A.

842 West Taylor, Room 2068
Chicago, IL

Presentation to the UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory
Tech Meeting, WEDNESDAY, November 16, 2pm, Room 2068 ERF

Science is about telling a compelling story that is persuasive to the experts in each domain. Note that each domain of science requires its own form of discourse in order to be persuasive. The form of discourse in science is juridical: one has a series of claims to make and methods used as warrants in their support. Viz provides essential and powerful new warrants and has changed the nature of science at its core. This Laboratory (EVL) was essential in the development of visualization methods across scientific domains that provide the needed scientific warnings in support of what we believe we know. In fact, as you know, there has been a significant paradigm shift in the nature of the advanced sciences.

So what is science now and how must scientific visualization methods contribute to a scientific story that is persuasive and rooted in a clear understanding of the modern philosophy of science? And how can it contribute to learning. One form of innovation I have created is a Viz form appropriate for Education: Educational Research Visualizations; another form is Scientific Digital Journalism as a method of creating compelling learning resources.

This presentation will be a personal story of connecting the dots, and the great insights and understanding achieved throughout my life, my education, my research in computational science and computer graphics, filmmaking and journalism, cognitive sciences and education, and the philosophical underpinnings of modern science. I will provide illustrations and examples in many media formats.

As an educator and researcher and instructional designer, I have been able to integrate my education and experiences and now it’s time for me to use all of the modern media forms to compose my thinking so I can share it effectively. In the past, this is meant publishing a set of books, however what I want to end up demonstrating here is how I am creating a set of e-books that will be marketed in the same manner that apps are.


Date: November 16, 2011

Document: e-Book PERT Chart
Raul Zarisky

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