SPIE 2013, The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality

CAVE2 can run in Hybrid mode, to juxtapose high-resolution 2D and 3D datasets side-by-side. - L. Long, EVL

Participants: Alessandro Febretti

San Francisco, CA

EVL PhD candidate Alessandro Febretti discusses the CAVE2™ instrumentation research and developed at the annual IS&T / SPIE Electronic Imaging Science and Technology 2013 Conference. In conjunction with topics included in the Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2013, program track: 3D Imaging, Interaction, and Metrology, “CAVE2: a hybrid reality environment for immersive simulation and information analysis” (Paper 8649-2) will be presented Monday February 4, 2013, 9:50 AM - 10:10 AM.

Session 1: Welcome to Future Tech 3000 will open this program track at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel, Harbour Room A.

Program committee members include EVL alumni Margaret Dolinsky (Indiana University) and Todd Margolis (University of California, San Diego)

SPIE 2013 Program Listing

Email: maxine@uic.edu

Date: February 4, 2013 - February 5, 2013

Document: SPIE 2013 CAVE2 Paper

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