Science 2034 features UIC / EVL Maxine Brown on “smart” rooms of the future

Participants: Maxine Brown


Science 2034

Maxine Brown, director of the EVL (Electronic Visualization Lab), has contributed a blog and podcast to Science 2034. The Science 2034 website is a collaboration of more than 60 research universities highlighting federally funded research. The blogs are geared to helping people make the connection between the federally funded science that is occurring today and our world 20 years from now.

Brown’s blog and podcast posits that by 2034, there will be “smart” rooms - homes, classrooms, and offices will have the capacity to be integrated with teleconferencing systems and personal devices. These rooms will allow scientists, teachers, doctors, emergency responders, and families to collaborate in an innovative way.


Date: September 24, 2014
Maxine Brown, Director EVL - L. Long, EVL

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