Are you Waving or Drowning? Art, Interaction, Manipulation and Complexity

Authors: Anstey, J.

Publication: Leonardo Electronic Almanac, vol 6, no 11


This is a survey of several pieces that showed in the Touchware Gallery at SIGGRAPH 98, and were put in the category of interactive installation. I’m interested in discussing the issues and problems that these artists are dealing with by making, or because they make, interactive work, especially since I am in the process of making my own interactive art piece. The pieces were, Case Study 309, Tammy Knipp; Telematic Vision, Paul Sermon; WorldSkin, Maurice Benayoun; Items 1-2000, Paul Vanouse; The Bush Soul, Rebecca Allen and the Emergence Team; and Iconica, Troy Innocent. My piece is called The Thing Growing.

Date: December 17, 1998

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