XP: An Authoring System for Immersive Art Exhibitions

Authors: Pape, D., Imai, T., Anstey, J., Roussou, M., DeFanti, T.

Publication: Proceedings of Fourth International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, Gifu, Japan

URL: http://www.evl.uic.edu/pape/papers/xp.vsmm98

In this paper we describe a software system for building interactive virtual environments, particularly ones for virtual reality art works. It is meant to allow teams composed of experienced programmers and non-programming designers to work together on projects. It is an object-oriented framework, built upon existing toolkits for VR, real-time graphics, and audio. A number of common application features and tools are provided, simplifying world creation.

Date: November 18, 1998 - November 20, 1998

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A Virtual Tour Guide in - D. Pape, EVL

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