Modeling 3D Scenes from Video

Authors: Czernuszenko, M., Sandin, D., Johnson, A., DeFanti, T.

Publication: The Visual Computer Journal, Special Issue on Real-time Virtual Worlds, vol 15, no 7, pp. 341-348

We present a technique to obtain texture-mapped models of real scenes with a high degree of automation using only a video camera and an overhead projector. The user makes two passes with a hand-held video camera. For the first pass the scene is under natural illumination, and a structure-from-motion technique recovers coarse scene geometry and textures. For the second pass a grid of lines is projected onto the scene which allows us to acquire dense geometric information. The information from both passes is automatically combined and a final model consisting of the dense geometry of the scene and a properly registered texture is created.

Date: January 1, 1999

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Camera Paths and Reconstructed 3D Meshes - M. Czernuszenko, EVL

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