CAVERN: The CAVE® Research Network

Authors: Johnson, A., Leigh, J., DeFanti, T., Brown, M., Sandin, D.

Publication: Proceedings of 1st International Symposium on Multimedia Virtual Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan, pp. 15-27


CAVERN, the CAVE® Research Network, is an alliance of industrial and research institutions equipped with CAVEs, ImmersaDesks, and high performance computing resources, interconnected by high-speed networks to support collaboration in design, training, education, scientific visualization and computational steering, in virtual reality. Supported by advanced networking on both the national and international level, the CAVE reserach network is focusing on Tele-Immersion - the union of networked virutal reality and video in the context of significant computing and data mining.

Date: March 25, 1998
Eddie Learning in the “NICE” Garden - M. Roussos, EVL

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