Virtual Reality Over High Speed Networks

Authors: DeFanti, T., Brown, M., Stevens, R.

Publication: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol 16, no 4, pp. 42-43

This special issue, “VR and the Net,” focuses on supercomputing-to-VR and VR-to-VR communications over high-speed networks, enabling researchers to investigate solutions to complex problems over distance. Specifically, some of the applications featured in the Global Information Infrastructure (GII) Testbed event at the ACM / IEEE Supercomputing ’95 (SC ’95) conference in San Diego in December 1995 are described. Tom DeFanti, as SC ’95 Information Architect was responsible for all conference networking, audio/visual support, and the GII Testbed. Maxine Brown co-chaired the GII Testbed and Rick Stevens was chief architect of the experimental networking activities.

Date: July 1, 1996

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Quaternion Julia Sets in Virtual Reality - D. Sandin, J. Insley, EVL

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