Realistic Modeling of Brain Structures with Remote Interaction Between Simulations of an Inferior Olivary Neuron and a Cerebellar Purkinje Cell

Authors: Leigh, J., DeSchutter, E., Lee, M., Bower, J., DeFanti, T.

Publication: Proceedings of High Performance Computing 1993, Arlington, VA, Society for Computer Simulation, pp. 248-253

This publication documents the collaborative work between the Computational Neuroscience Lab at CALTECH and the Electronic Visualization Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This research work involved the interaction between, and visualization of two neurons at geographically distant locations, computed on heterogeneous computer systems and displayed in the CAVE Virtual Reality Theater.

Date: March 1, 1993

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Inferior Olivary Neuron and Cerebellar Purkinje Cell - J. Leigh, EVL

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