AGAVE : Access Grid Augmented Virtual Environment

Authors: Leigh, J., Dawe, G., Talandis, J., He, E., Venkataraman, S, Ge, J., Sandin, D., DeFanti, T.A.,

Publication: Proceedings of the AccessGrid Retreat, Argonne, IL

The goal of AGAVE (pronounced agavay) is to augment the Access Grid to allow collaborators to immersively share three dimensional content, such as scientific and engineering data, in conjunction with their 2D Access Grid content. AGAVE accomplishes this with a low-cost passive stereographics projection system and accompanying networked PC. Audiences will view the immersive content using inexpensive 3D movie glasses. If desired an additional 3D tracking system and pointing device can be incorporated to support 3D interaction. AGAVE can be deployed as a separate display screen placed on one side of the Access Grid display screens so that both standard 2D content can be viewed simultaneously with 3D content.

Date: January 16, 2001

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