TeraVision: a Platform and Software Independent Solution for Real Time Display Distribution in Advanced Collaborative Environments

Authors: Leigh, J., Girado, J., Singh, R., Johnson, A., Park, K., DeFanti, T. A.

Publication: Access Grid Retreat 2002 Proceedings, La Jolla, CA

EVL’s TeraVision is a real-time method to distribute visual imagery from any PC graphics platform over the Access Grid that requires no setup, software, or hardware changes to the user’s computer. TeraVision’s goal is to provide one solution for what is commonly referred to as the “Docking Problem / Display Pushing Problem” in Advanced Collaborative Environments such as the AccessGrid. That is, to provide a means for anyone on the Access Grid to plug-in, for example their laptop, and to deliver a presentation without having to install or configure any software, or distribute any of the data files, in advance.

Date: March 4, 2002 - March 5, 2002

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3 remote TeraVision servers are streaming high-resolution video to three different sections of the tiled-display - J. Aguilera, EVL

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