Computer-Generated Barrier-Strip Autostereography

Authors: Sandin, D., Sandor, E., Cunnally, W., Resch, M., DeFanti, T., Brown, M.

Publication: Proceedings of SPIE, Three-Dimensional Visualization and Display Technologies, vol 1083, pp. 65-75, S S Fisher|W E Robbins

This paper discusses (1) the computer graphics transformations necessary to produce source images for barrier-strip autostereograms, and (2) current research to replace photographic processes with computational processes to combine different views into a stereogram. By connecting a computer to a high-resolution output scanner, computer-based images and digitized camera images can automatically be combined and printed on transparency film. Automating this process improves the visual quality of the autostereograms and expands the medium’s commercial and artistic potential.

Date: September 1, 1989

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The Illusion Projection System - D. Sandin

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