Legged Mobility: A Wheelchair Alternative

Authors: Browning, D., Trimble, J., Song, S., Priemer, R., Zhang, C.

Publication: RESNA ’87, (Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America), San Jose, CA

URL: http://www.evl.uic.edu/drew/leggs.htm

Wheeled chairs, currently the only available solution to the mobility problem of those unable to walk, do not facilitate participation in the range of activities associated with an independent and healthful existence. A legged mobility device, LEGS (Legged Electromechanical Multiple-Gaited Superchair), is currently under development at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the VA Hines Rehabilitation Research and Development Center. The LEGS design incorporates computer-controlled pantographic legs with capabilities that far exceed those of traditional wheelchairs. The recent progress in the area of robotics and the miniaturization of microprocessors is enabling the realization of this project.

Date: June 19, 1987 - June 23, 1987
LEGS, Legged Electromechanical multiply-Gaited Superchair - D. Browning / DVL

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