PAVIS - Pervasive Adaptive Visualization and Interaction Service

Authors: Alimohideen, J., Renambot, L., Leigh, J., Johnson, A., Grossman, R., Sabala, M.

Publication: CHI 06 Workshop on Information Visualization and Interaction Techniques for Collaboration Across Multiple Displays, Montreal, Canada

Prior research efforts have focused on the development of techniques for rule-based automated generation of either visualizations or user-interfaces. There is, however, little focus on adaptive visualization and interaction to provide a system that is capable of dealing with complex visualization and automated user-interface generation simultaneously. In this paper, we present our objectives in the development of new system so called PAVIS - Pervasive Adaptive Visualization and Interaction Service, an adaptive system that intends to automatically generate visualization and context-sensitive user-interfaces that are best suited for the display device. Based on the user’s environment, display devices may vary widely from cell-phones, desktop computers to high-resolution tiled displays. A context-sensitive environment can respond to changes in visualization or data context by accommodating techniques to change the interface at run-time. Here, we describe our design goals and an initial case study.

Keywords: Adaptive Visualization, Dynamic User-Interfaces, Display Resolution, Scalable Rendering.

Date: April 22, 2006 - April 27, 2006

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PDA user visualizing real-time change in traffic congestion - J. Alimohideen, EVL

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