Authors: Tsoupikova, D.

Publication: EVA 2006 London Conference Proceedings, 2 Park Gate Court, 68-79 Hight Street, Hampton Hill, Middx TW12 1PB, EVA 2006 Conferences International, pp. 231-239, James Hemsley and Suzanne Keene

“Rutopia 2” is a virtual reality art project built for the C-Wall network environment.

It describes a magic garden with interactive sculptural trees that connect to distant worlds and unite them into a shared network community. “Rutopia 2” explores the aesthetics of virtual art inspired by the distinct cultural forms present in Russian folk arts and painting. It is based upon their principles of composition, bright colors, simplified shapes, and material culture.

Date: March 1, 2006 - No Information

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Rutopia 2 Screenshot - D. Tsoupikova, EVL

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