Art Thief: An Educational Computer Game Model for Art Historical Instruction

Authors: Kinkley, J.

Publication: Leonardo Book Series, vol 42, no 2, San Francisco, CA, MIT Press, pp. 133-137, Sean Cubitt

Cognitive research has revealed learning techniques more effective than those utilized by the traditional art history lecture survey course. Informed by these insights, the author and fellow graduate researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago designed a “serious” computer game demo, Art Thief, as a potential model for a learning tool that incorporates content from art history. The game design implements constructed learning, simulated cooperation and problem solving in a first-person, immersive, goal-oriented mystery set within a virtual art museum.

Date: February 1, 2009

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Concluding Still from Art Thief Game Narrative - Jonathan Kinkley, Jason Gorski, Ben Dombek

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