Global Media Curation Platform Using iRODS

Back-end storage and workflow system using iRODS - Yuma Matsui, Calit2 / UCSD

Authors: Matsui, Y., Liu, Q., Brock, N., Weekley, J. D., Plepys, D. M.

Publication: Poster iRODS User Group Meeting 2012, Tuscon, AZ

In the CineGrid Exchange project, we use iRODS to curate and preserve super-high-definition media content such as 4K movies. Our media curation platform enables long-term data preservation and streamlined workflows for curators to handle large amount of media data in a cross-organizational environment. The platform consists of a front-end web catalog system and a back-end storage and workflow system.

The front-end is a web-based content management system and brings ease-of-use in metadata management and data retrieval. The back-end is an iRODS-based distributed storage system that guarantees data consistency and redundancy. It also provides an event-based rule engine to realize flexible workflows.

Date: March 1, 2012 - March 2, 2012

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