A Simultaneous 2D / 3D Autostereo Workstation (poster)

User Multitouch Interaction with Dynallax - B. McGinnis, EVL

Authors: Chau, D., McGinnis, B., Talandis, J., Leigh, J., Peterka, T., Knoll, A., Papka, M., Sumer, A., Jellinek, J.

Publication: Proceedings of SPIE 2012, San Jose, CA

  • Next generation of the Dynallax: a dynamic parallax barrier autostereoscopy system in a desktop form factor.
  • It is driven by a software system called Dynamic View Client (DVC) which consist of two parts:
    • DVCSdk: A server-side library that enables streaming of stereo image pairs to the client side and interacts with applications to process client input
    • DVCLib: A client-side library that displays stereo images, supports interaction devices, and provides a simultaneous 2D and 3D workspace.
  • Deploy a transparent virtual environment that directs the user’s focus on the science problem instead of the technology.
  • Support existing workflows so that scientists need not give up tools upon which they rely to be productive.
  • Design an accessible environment that is always available and requires little or no added effort on the part of users and developers.

Date: February 28, 2012

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