SAGE: Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment Documentation

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Authors: Renambot, L., Plepys, D.

Publication: Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL


SAGE™ (Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment) is cross-platform, open-source middleware that enables users to have a common operating environment, or framework, to access, display and share a variety of content - whether digital cinema animations, high-resolution images, high-definition video-teleconferencing, presentation slides, documents, spreadsheets or laptop screens - in a variety of resolutions and formats, from multiple sources, to one or more tiled display walls.

SAGE graphics streaming architecture supports the sharing of high-resolution media and data between visualization environments or among groups of collaborators at local or remote sites. Its network-centric architecture allows collaborators to share visualizations (such as remote desktop, video streams, 2D maps, and 3D renderings) on local or remote systems. Applications stream pixels over high-speed networks to displays with potentially hundreds of megapixels of contiguous display resolution.

This document serves as a users and developers guide for SAGE middleware.

Date: September 1, 2013

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