Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Developers: Dana M. Plepys, Dave Pape, Deb Lowman, Space Management Consultants


The Chicago-based architectural firm, Space Management Consultants collaborated with the Electronic Visualization Laboratory to create architectural design concepts for the redesign of The Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading floor.

Rather than present concepts as traditional models, Space Management opted to create virtual renditions of their designs to allow for client preview within EVL’s CAVE™ virtual reality theater. 3-dimensional scale models were created in Alias | Wavefront, then ported to the CAVE™.

The final results allowed the clients to review the space in “walk-through” or “fly-through” mode, examining sight lines, pit location and simulated traders in a naturalistic way. Without the benefit of examining the “life-size” model, accurate sight line assessment would not have been possible.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange infrastructure renovation / upgraded was required in order to accommodate new technology to the trading pits - cable distribution systems, life safety systems and new enlarged IDF spaces; trading pit renovation, enlargement and steep tiering surrounding the trading complexes were also part of the design concepts.

Using virtual reality as a pre-visualization tool proved extremely valuable in altering original design concepts based on client feedback and making the final design proposal.


Date: March 1, 1995 - No Information
Still of Mercantile Exchange Virtual Design - D. Pape, EVL

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