Disability Perspective #1

Developers: Drew Browning

URL: http://bucky.aa.uic.edu/DVL/drew/isea

The newly built Franklin Delano Roosevelt National Monument serves as a focal point for this immersive experience, which addresses issues germane to the disabled community and to representation of minorities in general. FDR, a hero for his progressive social policies and programs, is typically represented as standing or seated, although for most of his life he used a wheelchair. The Disabled Rights movement foregrounds issues which challenge one notions of the disabled as whole people, and this work forces us to consider point of view as a factor in how we have historically understood and represented disability.

Drew Browning, creator of this piece is a disabled artist and designer teaching in the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago. From his involvement in the disabled community as an activist and artist, he built on the definition of “Disability Culture”. This piece utilizes Virtual Reality Modeling Language to construct and animate that environment.

Email: drew@uic.edu

Date: May 1, 1997 - October 1, 1997

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