Home Transfer

Developers: Todd Margolis, Pat Badani, Dmitry Strakovsky, Ozgun Ozguc, Carrie Mandel and Jeff Holmes

URL: http://www.hometransfer.org

Home Transfer is an art project that explores the intersection of architecture, the Internet and the public sphere. We investigate the impact of new technologies on home and community. The aim is to build a space for speculation.

The project comprises:
  • The offering of a sealed, weevil-infested stack of bread-bowls to chosen architects.
  • The discussion generated by the object.
  • The diffusion of these discussions through this Web site.
  • Public participation in the two guest-books provided.

Email: todd@evl.uic.edu

Date: October 1, 2000 - November 1, 2000
Margolis, EVL

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