Inner Contact

Developers: Ka-Leung Jark


Inner Contact is an imaginary world pushed beyond the envelope of reality, anchored deeply into the physics of these extreme systems. An abstraction of a new, future world, where big is bigger and small is smaller, is developed.

The goal of Inner Contact is to create a visual-audio environment that pushes the individual participants’ imagination and sensory powers where they have never gone before.

This project provides a meditative scenario of cycling motions and the looping sounds, prompting the layers of the subconscious mind to explore and interact with the sinuous and magically colored shapes. All woven within an over-arching abstract environment, the structures, large and small free-floating objects, and sounds can easily be interpreted according to each participants’ own experiences.

The concept of Inner Contact is inspired by the extremes of real and curious happenings surrounding the creation of universe.

The project provides a contrast between the complexity and simplicity of the beginnings of time: On one hand, there are very fundamental elements that are reflected in the microscope molecular world; on the other, there is the infinite view of the universe.

The essence of combination of these two extremes is captured, connected by the interplay of color, shape, and light.

Date: May 5, 2000 - May 18, 2002
Inner Contact - Ka-Leung Jark

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