Solar Video Visualization for the NASA / NRL STEREO Satellite Mission

Researchers: Andrew Johnson, Cole Krumbholz, Jason Leigh, Lance Long, Luc Renambot, Tae Jin Kim

The ??STEREO?? mission, scheduled for launch in late October, will capture the first ever stereo solar imagery by sending two telescope suites in orbit around the sun, one suite on a satellite preceding earth and the other on a satellite trailing behind the earth. The Solar Physics Branch at NRL with the help of students from EVL and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, has developed a solar imagery research environment equipped with a high resolution tiled display and an ImmersaDesk4 for visualizing the video streams captured by this mission.

The tiled display consists of 9 cinema LCD displays with an overall resolution of approximately 8k by 5k pixels and will be used to work with multiple HD quality video feeds, enabling multispectral analysis of synchronized image streams from sensors on each satellite. Additionally the ImmersaDesk4 will permit scientists to visualize the stereo imagery in high resolution 3D. Solar physicists at NRL hope that this new technology will allow them to better visualize the three dimensional structure of coronal mass ejections and evaluate the impact these events have on the earth’s atmosphere.


Date: June 1, 2006 - May 1, 2007
NRL Solar Visualization on Tiled Display-C. Krumbholz pictured right

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