Haptics-Based Virtual Reality Periodontal Training Simulator

Researchers: Cristian J. Luciano, Thomas A. DeFanti

The haptics-based virtual reality periodontal training simulator project focuses upon the research and development of a prototype dental simulator for training of periodontal procedures. By the use of virtual reality and haptics technology, the periodontal simulator allows trainees to learn performing diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases by visualizing a 3D virtual human mouth and feeling real tactile sensations when making contact with the surface of teeth, gum, bone and calculi with virtual dental instruments.

Since periodontics requires dentists to depend primarily on tactile sensations to perform diagnostic and surgical procedures, the use of haptics is unquestionably crucial for a realistic periodontal simulator.

The haptics-based virtual reality periodontal training simulator has been validated by experiments conducted by the College of Dentistry with faculty members and dental students, which demonstrates the scientific contribution and usefulness of the simulator as a vital part of the curriculum of the Department of Periodontics at UIC.

Email: clucia1@uic.edu

Date: August 16, 2004 - October 17, 2006
Still from Periodontal Training Simulator Application - C. Luciano

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