Developers: Dave Adamczyk, Coco Conn, Zane Vella, Jim Damian, Jim Thompson, Maria Rousssou, Mihailo Alic, Chris Cederwall


Funding: ACM SIGGRAPH, USENIX, SGI, Inc., Software Systems

CitySpace is an educational networking project that invites students to build a virtual city model made up of 3D objects and images from sites around the world.

The CitySpace project strives to present a learning model based on collaboration, simulation, visualization, and wide-area digital networking. The project is intended for integration into project-based curricula and is designed for self-managing groups of students, mentors, teachers, and resource administrators.

The model relies on a flexible, open, high-speed network based on client-server technology, widespread access to desktop digital media production tools, and efficient utilization of high-end computational resources.

This application was a part of VROOM - the Virtual Reality Room event showcased at SIGGRAPH 94 and was also demonstrated at Supercomputing ’95.


Date: January 1, 1994 - November 1, 1995
CitySpace VR Environment - M. Alic, EVL

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