City of Brass

Researchers: Alan Cruz, Hisham Bizri, Jakub Hryniewicz, Tom Frisch, Barbara Herman, Bill Biagi, Ines Sommer, Rudi Robis, Andrew Foust

An MFA thesis project, the “City of Brass” (Adapted from “A Thousand Nights and One Night”) is a film by Hisham Bizri and Alan Cruz…

Antoine Galland’s Apartment Late Afternoon (FRANCE, 18th. C.)

A hand holding a feathered pen writes on a desk the following words. “We made preparations for four months and traveled in the desert of Al-Andalus. We tried to arrive at the city which nobody had ever heard of and we traveled for 43 days.”

The hands stops writing for a second but then resumes and we hear the voice of a man reading the words: “Finally, we saw the city’s battlements shining out at a distance of five days’ journey. The sight frightened us.”

The voice of woman whispering the following words is juxtaposed over the voice of the man: “and filled our hearts with fear. When we arrived at the wall its form was amazingly terrible and its aspect fearful and horror-inspiring like nothing else in creation. We dismounted and said the evening prayers.”


Date: August 1, 1998 - April 18, 2000
Screen shot from City of Brass - H. Bizri, EVL

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