Developers: Julio Obelleiro


vision is an open source C++ programming library for the development of audiovisual interactive applications. It is designed to provide a high level of programming / scripting simplicity, so that users can focus upon the artistic process and the development of application content rather than the intricacies of the technology and programming required to create and to manipulate graphics is real-time. vision is targeted primarily for use by artists, technologists, video game creators and hobbyist, who are competent interactive designers, yet may not have a high level of programming proficiency. vision also provides access to wrapped libraries for advanced users with increased capabilities.

vision’s objective is to combine the simplicity of tools designed to be used by artists with the robust performance of video game development libraries. The current vision implementation includes:
  • Application framework
  • Image loading, saving and processing
  • 2D / 3D graphics support - graphics primitives; 3D object loading; Ogre material system; basic lighting; 3D camera control
  • Rigid body physics
  • Sound loading, playback and analysis
  • Video playback
  • GUI (graphical user interface) with debugging output
  • Input via mouse, keyboard, microphone or video camera computer vision - background subtraction, frame differencing, blob detection
  • Doxygen documentation with some basic examples (demos) to expose common library features


Date: May 16, 2008 - May 15, 2009
vision logo - J. Obelleiro|EVL

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