4 Megapixel Multi-Touch LCD Table Prototype

Researchers: Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Khairi Reda, Luc Renambot, Ed Kahler (EVL REU)

Funding: NSF CNS-0420477 LambdaVision

The 4 Megapixel multi-touch LCD table prototype developed by EVL researchers focuses upon seamless and intuitive user interaction with the device. The current prototype supports simultaneous multi-user interaction, whereby participants simply reach-out and touch the images being displayed with their hands. This advancement in user interaction and instrumentation development research is a natural progression from EVL’s development and deployment of the Lambda Table just under a year ago.

The multi-touch LCD table prototype is the first step towards a larger system that better supports group collaboration. Also, though the prototype system only supports monoscopic information, future instrumentation research and development promises to incorporate stereoscopic imagery without the need for specialized 3D glasses.

Email: spiff@uic.edu

Date: May 16, 2008 - November 15, 2008
The multi-touch LCD table prototype, showing a rain simulation - EVL, UIC

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