Fluid Infinity

Developers: Margaret Watson

URL: http://mwatson.org/Interactive/Web/Fluid/index.html

Fluid Infinity is a virtual reality artwork prototyped as a multi-layered abstract, 2D animation. The animation was initially programmed using the RT/1 graphics language developed at EVL and then subsequently converted to C, IrisGL and CAVE code.

The infinitely evolving 2D space of the original animation was transformed and adapted in three dimensions, by adding depth and enclosing the animation within a boxed room. In its virtual form, the animation became a sculptural element, where 2D and 3D designs were created by participant body position and perspective within the real and/or virtual space.

Email: mw@mwatson.org

Date: January 1, 1995 - May 15, 1995
M. Watson, EVL

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