Rebar Cage

Developers: Thomas A. DeFanti, Andre Barbosa, Jurgen Schulze (University of California San Diego); American Bridge Company / Fluor Enterprises Inc.

Participants walk through a 3D model of an 80x60x20-foot section of the rebar cage of the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Note that this model is not the entire bridge, but only the footing of the tower, which anchors it onto the sea floor. The model was created by engineers from American Bridge Company / Fluor Enterprises Inc. Andre Barbosa, then a graduate student in the Structural Engineering Department of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), converted the model from Microstation to VRML, which was then visualized by UCSD Computer Science professor Jurgen Schulze. Barbosa’s advisors were Schulze and structural engineering professors Frieder Seible (UCSD) and Karl Beucke (Bauhaus Univ. Weimar, Germany). Calit2’s CalVR software is used to display the 3D model in the CAVE2™.


Date: May 1, 2011 - Ongoing

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