Remote Visualization of Large Scale Data for Ultra-High Resolution Display Environments

100 million pixel tiled display at EVL displaying two ParaView sessions. - S. Nam, EVL

Authors: Nam, S., Jeong, B., Renambot, L., Johnson, A., Gaither, K.,, Leigh, J.

Publication: SC '09, Portland, OR, pp. 42-47, Proceedings of the ACM 2009 Ultrascale Visualization Workshop

ParaView is one of the most widely used scientific tools that supports parallel visualization of large scale data. The Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment (SAGE) is a graphics middleware that enables real-time streaming of ultra-high resolution visual content from distributed visualization resources to scalable tiled displays connected by ultra-high-speed networks. Integrating these two technologies enables visualization of large-scale data at an extremely high resolution to be displayed on distantly located scalable tiled displays. The benefits, limitations, and future directions for this approach will be discussed.

Categories and Subject DescriptorK
I.3.2 [Computer Graphics]: Graphics Systems - Distributed/network graphics

General Terms
Experimentation, Performance

Large-scale data, remote visualization, ultra-high resolution visualization, ParaView, SAGE

Date: November 16, 2009

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