Choosing Visualization Techniques for Multidimensional Data Projection Tasks: A Guideline with Examples

Authors: Etemadpour, R., Linsen, L., Paiva, J. G., Crick, C., Forbes, A. G.

Publication: Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics – Theory and Applications, Communications in Computer and Information Science, Springer

This paper presents a guideline for visualization designers who want to choose appropriate techniques for enhancing tasks involving multidimensional projection. Specifically, we adopt a user-centric approach in which we take user perception into consideration. Here, we focus on projection techniques that output 2D or 3D scatterplots that can then be used for a range of common data analysis tasks, which we categorize as pattern identification tasks, relation-seeking tasks, membership disambiguation tasks, or behavior comparison tasks. Our user-centric task categorization can be used to effectively guide the organization of multidimensional data projection layouts. Moreover, we present real-world examples that demonstrate effective choices made by visualization designers faced with complex datasets requiring dimensionality reduction.

Keywords: Multidimensional data analysis, task taxonomy, multidimensional data projection, user-centric evaluation.

Date: January 1, 2016

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Comparison of INFOVIS04 document data set map using Neighbor Joining and LSP projections: Four di erent topics of information visualization are identi ed by coloring points. - R. Etemadpour, Oklahoma State University

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