Articulate2: Toward a Conversational Interface for Visual Data Exploration

Authors: Aurisano, J., Kumar, A., Gonzales, A., Leigh, J., DiEugenio, B., Johnson, A.

Publication: Information Visualization Conference, IEEE VisWeek 2016, Baltimore, MD

InfoVis novices struggle with visualization construction. Even with the aid of visualization software, such users may face challenges when translating their questions into appropriate visual encodings, or interactively refining the representation to achieve a desired result.

A ‘conversational interface’ which maintains a dialog with the user through natural language and gestures, could allow users to engage in repeated cycles of visualization generation and modification, asking questions directly through speech.

In this poster we present a prototype conversational visual data analysis system. Our prototype was developed from a corpus consisting in 15-subjects engaging in exploratory data visualization with a simulated conversational interface. It features 1) speech to visualization pipeline, 2) classification system to divide utterances into major types, 3) history manager and knowledge-base.

Date: October 23, 2016 - October 28, 2016

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