Diegetic Affordances and Affect in Electronic Music

Authors: Camci, A., Meelberg, V.

Publication: International Computer Music Conference 2016 (ICMC2016), Utrecht, The Netherlands

URL: https://www.openconf.org/icmc2016/papers/modules/request.php?module=oc_proceedings&action=summary.php&id=113&a=Accept+as+a+long+paper

In this paper, we investigate the role affect plays in electronic music listening. By referring to a listening experiment conducted over the course of three years, we explore the relation between affect and diegetic affordances (i.e. those of the spatiotemporal universes created by electronic music). We will compare existing perspectives on affect with the psychologist James Gibson’s model of affordances in the context of an electronic music practice. We will conclude that both the sounds themselves and the diegetic affordances of these sounds may elicit affective reactions, and that further study into the relation between diegesis, affordance, and affect may contribute to a better understanding of what we hear in electronic music.

Date: September 12, 2016 - September 16, 2016

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