Sayre Glove Final Project Report

The Sayre Glove was developed by Richard Sayre, Dan Sandin and Tom DeFanti in 1976 for use with the GRASS system. The black tubes are the angle transducers which register how much each joint is bent. - (image courtesy - D. Sandin, EVL)

Authors: DeFanti, T., Sandin, D. J.

Publication: US NEA R60-34-163 Final Project Report

Analog computers have been much more successful as tools for the creative artist than digital computers. Analogy computers are quite successfully used in music and more recently, in video art. Most of the current work in digital computer art suffers from the real lack of fluidity in control, which is why the work appears so sterile and mechanical. What this project has attempted is the creation of dynamic, flexible, user-programmable input devices and requisite control structures. This report will attempt to communicate the actual progress we have made in humanizing digital computer for aesthetic ends.

Date: November 10, 1977

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