Towards Understanding Collaborative Visual Data Analysis in Multi-Device Environments

Illustration of the study setup.

Authors: Alsaiari, A., Johnson, A.

Publication: IEEE VIS 2019, Vancouver, BC, Canada


There is a steadily growing interest in leveraging ecosystems of digital devices that go beyond a single desktop for visual data analysis and exploration. However, multi-device ecologies pose several challenges as information and tasks are scattered among separate devices and displays. To understand the challenges associated with multi-device environments for information visualization, we performed an exploratory study designed to examine how users employ different tools to perform different kinds of activities in approaching a visual analysis task. Previous work examined three factors (users, tools, and tasks) independently. We study the synthesis of these factors. To do this, we adopted a hybrid analysis approach that focuses on three different aspects: users, tools, and tasks. We believe this analysis will help us identify associated challenges and better inform design goals in developing multi-device tools for visual data analysis.

Keywords: Collaborative visual analytics, exploratory analysis, multi-device ecology

Date: October 20, 2019 - October 25, 2019

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