ImmersaGrams: Virtual Reality Snapshots

Participants: Andrew Johnson, Beth Cerny Patiño, Brenda Lopez Silva, Ellen Sandor, Jason Leigh, John Landry, Ka-Leung Jark, Margaret Dolinsky, Natt Mintrasak, Todd Margolis, Margaret Watson

Institutions: (art)n Laboratory

847 W. Jackson Chicago, IL 60607

This exhibition presents the work of current and past graduate students of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago. (art)n Laboratory and EVL have collaborated on the development of the first real-time, stereoscopic hardcopy output of virtual reality applications - the ImmersaGram (IGram).

Since the development of the CAVE Virtual Reality Theatre in 1992, EVL’s major area of expertise has been the research and development of software, hardware, networking and communications tools for virtual reality. The results of this research directly addresses a broad range of information visualization issues along a wide spectrum of disciplines from art, architecture and science to medicine, engineering and education. The IGrams are intended to capture the essence of the virtual experience, preserve the sense of immersion and act as an extension of the original artwork into the domain of virtual hardcopy.


Date: May 8, 2000 - May 13, 2000
ImmersaGram Show Postcard - Joshua Goldenberg, Todd Margolis

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