EVE 4 - Electronic Visualization Event 4

Participants: Alan Millman, Andrew Johnson, Christina Vasilakis, Dana M. Plepys, Deb Lowman (1966-2018), Jason Leigh, Jim Barr, Joe Insley, Kathy OKeefe, Maria Roussou, Misha Caylor, Terry Franguiadakis, Kaleung Jark, Dave Pape, Margaret Watson, Soyon Park, Kieth Beu, John Lawson, Satoshi Koreki, Marcus Thiebaux, Dave Swoboda, Tom Coffin, Milana Huang, Alan Verlo, Joe Reitzer, Jonas Talandis, Anna Seeto

Gallery 400, Chicago

The fourth in a series of Electronic Visualization Events (EVEs) organized by the students, staff and faculty of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory. The first three were held April 1975, April 1976, and May 1978 in Chicago, and were a series of live performances in which images were computer generated and color processed in real time with musical accompaniment.

EVE 4, held at UIC’s Gallery 400 and at EVL, marked the 20th anniversary of the first EVE event. EVE 4 featured CAVE-based virtual-reality displays, interactive installations, prints, Web-based galleries, and a video theater.

Email: dplepys@uic.edu

Date: May 9, 1995 - May 19, 1995
J. Reitzer, EVL

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