ThinkQuest ’96

Participants: Andrew Johnson, Grit Sehmisch, Jason Leigh, Maggie Rawlings, Margaret Dolinsky, Maria Roussou, Tom Moher


Washington, DC

“NICE” and “Dream Grrrls” were demonstrated at the ThinkQuest Contest award ceremony in Washington DC, November 22-25, 1996. ThinkQuest Inc. is a non profit organization which offers programs designed to advance education through the use of technology.

ThinkQuest was founded by Advanced Network & Services and began offering the ThinkQuest Internet Challenge contest in 1996.

“NICE” is a learning environment for children and was networked between three remote sites. “Dream Grrrls” is a real-time, interactive, virtual art piece.


Date: November 22, 1996 - November 25, 1996
Advanced Network & Services

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