SIGGRAPH ’97 Participation

Participants: Andrew Johnson, Dave Pape, Jason Leigh, Jim Costigan, Joe Insley, Josephine Anstey, Margaret Dolinsky, Tom Moher, Tomoko Imai, Christina Vasilakis, Franz Fishnaller, Yesi Maharaj Singh

Los Angeles, CA

Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) students and faculty presented a research paper on the NICE project as part of the SIGGRAPH Educator’s Program. As a separate event, the NICE project video was shown in the SIGGRAPH ’97 Computer Animation Festival’s Screening Room, and was included in the SIGGRAPH Video Review. NICE is a networked learning environment for children.

EVL students presented two Art & Design Sketches in the Moving: Agency for Virtual Spaces section:
“Using Video to Create Avatars in Virtual Reality” - Joe Insley
“Metaphors” - MDolinsky

Jim Costigan presented a course entitled, “Computer Animation Using Digital Video”.

The Multi-Mega Book in the CAVE, a joint project between EVL and F.A.B.R.I.CATORS showed in the Electric Garden venue on an ImmersaDesk system.


Date: August 3, 1997 - August 8, 1997

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