EVL at Internet2 Spring Meeting ’98

Participants: Alan Verlo, Andrew Johnson, Daniel J. Sandin, Greg Dawe, Jason Leigh, Maggie Hallam, Maggie Rawlings, Dave Pape, Jim Costigan, Tom Frisch, Fang Wang, Abhinav Kapoor

Institutions: National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Old Dominion University

URL: http://www.internet2.edu

Highway 1, Washington, DC

Demonstrations of advanced Internet applications hosted by Internet2 and Highway 1 on April 16 will be a highlight of the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID) member meeting being held in Washington D.C.

“Vice President Al Gore today unveiled the most advanced and far-reaching research and education network in the world.” - UCAID

“VP Gore will unveil a new network for universities at the Internet 2 meeting in Washington this week. Dubbed Internet2, the new computer network will be funded with $500 million of private investment.” - REUTERS

Wired Press Release

Internet2 will not be available immediately to the public, but technology and applications developed on the university system are expected eventually to help speed up the global Internet.

The project is closely related to the Clinton administration’s Next Generation Internet initiative. While the Internet2 project is using university and private sector funds to build a super-fast network, the next generation initiative is using government money to fund basic research about using the faster network. Both projects are intended to develop new technologies that will trickle down to the global Internet as well as private computer networks.

EVLers conducted the following ImmersaDesk demonstrations at the UCAID meeting:

Email: laura@evl.uic.edu

Date: April 16, 1998
D. Cox, NCSA

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