Fischnaller Presents at the NWU Art & Technology Colloquium

Participants: Franz Fischnaller, Annette Barbier

Institutions: Northwestern University

Northwestern University, Evanston, Chicago

Franz Fischnaller, artist and professor at the University of Illinois, Electronic Visualization Laboratory will present the first spring colloquium in Art and Technology at Northwestern University Friday, March 30 at 3 pm in Louis Hall, Rm. 119.

Fischnaller will discuss his work in virtual environments, including: Robot Avatars and Virtual Illusion, Multi Mega Book, Kali the Goddess of the Millenium, Pinocchio Interactive, and Tracking the Net.

“Digital media are influencing the arts and shaping culture by giving form to new artistic languages, revolutionizing the composition and treatment of the image, the concept of ‘perspective’, and the perception of space,” said Fischnaller. “The digital artist’s creative and production processes are undergoing radical changes as well. Dematerialization and fragmentation of the tangible coexist with the increasing ability to experience the intangible. The invisible is taking form.”


Date: March 30, 2001
Tracking the Net - F.A.B.R.I.CATORS

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